Selling? The One Thing You Don’t Know That Can Hurt you!

Selling?  The One Thing You Don’t Know That Can Hurt You!

There are many components to a successful sale.  However,  one thing can derail a possible sale right off the bat.  What is it? It’s the seller’s failure to know what the presentation looks like on   This site, the statewide Multiple Listing Service, will feed other real estate websites.

Firstly, is the text accurate?  At the request of the owner, I visited a home this week to consider listing it.   However, my GPS didn’t register the street.  Oh, I did find the home!   However, the street name was incorrect on the prior listing. And it had been that way for nearly a year.

I’ve showed homes where the square footage was obviously incorrect , the fireplace was not listed, the awesome view was not noted.   Sure, mistakes can and sometimes will happen.   But don’t let them live for a year.  Or a month.  Review the listing as soon as it is live—and get any corrections made immediately.

Just as it is vital to review the text, take a hard look at how the photos represent the property.  Are there enough?  With photos, more is better!  And today, 35 photos are allowed on the Multiple Listing Service.  Do the still photos have captions that draw attention to what is an asset to the home, the lot, the surrounding area?  Is there a virtual tour?  Now I’m not talking about the very same photos used in the still section—with a bounce added to them.  Don’t waste a buyer’s time!  Is there any additional information provided in the tour?

Using a voice narration may further emphasizes the best features of a home.  What educators know is the mantra, ‘repetition, repetition, repetition’.  Works here, too.   Don’t let prospective buyers forget about what your home has to offer.

Most buyers begin their search on-line.   We’re not selling the furniture, the dog, the alarm clock (the focal point of some listing photos).  Make sure the pictures are abundant; brightly lit, show a wide swath of the room (not just a corner at a time); and that they display the windows, floor, ceilings in some of the views.    Be certain that your home stands out!

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