Buying the “Forever” Home

Buying Your 'Forever' Home!

If you’re tired of moving—and/or find that your needs have changed considerably—perhaps you’re in the market for your last or ‘forever’ home.  It’s more than just four walls, don’t you think?

What we seek may go way beyond the actual home.  Sure, we want a living space that reflects the way we live day-to-day.  If cooking is a priority, an appropriate kitchen.  Space for hobbies.  Enough room to share with those we love.  An outlet for our green thumb, perhaps.  Maybe we’re dealing with physical infirmities that require adjustments in our home. Maybe we’re adamant about being able to house our kids and grandkids when they visit.  Or perhaps we’re planning for an uncertain future—and want a home that could accommodate a wide variety of health scenarios.  But clearly it’s not all about the actual home, as important as that is.  When we buy, we’re actually buying a wider community.  

We may be buying recreational opportunities.   We may want to ensure that we’re near a community of faith.  Shopping options may be a concern.  Or healthcare facilities.  Is there enough green-space around?  Would a nearby college be an attraction?  Are there theater groups?  What about canoeing or boating possibilities?  Is there a good library?  How is the commute to the ocean?  Are there mountains within an easy drive?  Is the town walkable?

As I once heard jazz trumpeter Winton Marsalis say ‘It takes a long time to play yourself.’  And yes!  Often it takes a long time to ‘be’ yourself.  It’s a plus of aging!  Hopefully, we’ve cycled in and out of various life stages…and know what we hold dear ‘for all time.’  The core values that remain with us no matter what the season of life.  Hopefully, they inform our choice of an area for that ‘forever’ home.


Posted on March 15, 2016 at 7:44 pm
Kathleen Szostek | Category: Happy Home Buying

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